The function of Arginine in animals

GAA as the precursor of Creatine, can be synthesized from Arginine and Glycine.
Arginine is an essential amino acid for animals.
Improve the growth performance of animals.
Improve anti-stress ability.
Improve reproduction performances.
Improve the immunity of animals.

GAA can save Arginine efficiently

The formation of 1 mol of GAA (molecule weight = 117.1 g) would require 1 mol of Arginine (molecule weight = 174.2 g/mol) and 1 mol of Glycine (molecule weight = 75.1 g/mol). Thus, it is estimated that 1.49 g of Arginine and 0.64 g of Glycine are needed to produce 1 g of GAA.

GAA can save dietary Arginine in the diets.

Recommended dose can spare Arginine efficiently

1kg of GAA can spare 1.49kg of Arginine and have the same physiological function.