High quality GAA Granule

Our NutriBuilder and CreBuilder proved to be a high-quality GAA with NO residues.

Through reports of third-party laboratories, we meet the standard of EFSA, MAFF, FDA.

Comparison of hygienic indexes among different brands

Test reports on different manufacturers from third-party laboratories

Quality Control

Harm of Poor-quality GAA

Poor quality GAA would cause the following issues:

1)Cyanamide, 300 mg/kg in GAA will cause weight loss, anemia, hypothyroidism, stooping back, tremors, rough fur, pale soft exudative (PSE) meat, nervous disorder and higher death rate.

2)Dicyandiamide, 2000 mg/kg in GAA degrades into gaseous cyanide access to stomach acid, causes and aggravates respiratory diseases. Besides, dicyandiamide tastes bitter and affects feed intake.

3)Melamine, above 10 mg/kg in GAA reduces feed consumption, weight loss, bladder stones, crystalluria, renal failure and reduces survival rate.

4) Dioxins, above 750 pg TEO/kg in GAA are extremely harmful to human and animals. Humans will suffer reproductive function damage and development problems, immune system damage and cancer after eating even low level of dioxins.